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The Location Opportunity Footprint Tool

Use the Location Opportunity Footprint Tool – or LOFT – to find areas with low housing & transportation cost, high economic opportunity, and quality education.

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Map displaying high speed internet coverage areas and job opportunity rates by census tract in Portland, Oregon and surrounding areas.

Does broadband access increase economic opportunity?

Explore map layers of high-speed internet coverage zones and job opportunity rates to find out.

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Create a Community Health Needs Assessment Report

Choose from over 90 indicators to view the health and well-being of your community.

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Map of food desert census tracts and large chain super market locations

View the Food Access Starter Map

Get started with map layers related to food access, including food desert census tracts, population with limited food access, and locations of major supermarkets.

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Side-by-side map of labor force participation rates and opiate presription rates

Is opioid addiction impacting the economy?

Explore maps to find areas with low labor force participation and high opiate drug prescription rates.

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Are you rural?

The answer isn’t as simple as you might think. Click here to find out!

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Go beyond our public tools.

Get a Hub.

Hubs are customizable workspaces designed to make data-sharing, visualization, and collaboration easier and more actionable.

Here are a few of our favorite Hub features:

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Custom Reporting

You select the data, we do the analysis. Choose indicators from our data engine, let us incorporate your local data, or both!

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Data Upload

Create custom maps with your data in the Map Room. Download, share, or embed your map to make a greater impact.

Privacy & Security

Manage user roles and privacy settings for the data, tools, and content in your Hub.

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Document Library

Use collaborative or personal storage for your maps and reports, as well as external documents like PDFs and spreadsheets.

Network Map

Visualize the impact of your projects or watch your coalition grow. Get a customized interactive map of your activities.

Custom Features

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