COVID-19 Update from CARES

CARES Responds to COVID-19 Pandemic Official communications regarding the University of Missouri response to COVID-19 can be found at As many aspects of normal life grind to a halt with closings and cancellations to slow the spread of COVID-19, CARES will continue to provide online services, including day-to-day technical support for all of our projects, […]

Growing Stress on the Farm

Growing Stress on the Farm is a report released in February, 2020 that describes some the economic challenges faced by farmers and the associated rise in mental health disparities in rural Missouri. This story map explores the issues and data in the report.

Vulnerable Population Footprint Tool

Updates have been made to the vulnerable population footprint (VPF) tool maps and data! New data from the 2014-2018 American Community Survey replaces data from the previous year.

Map Help

How to use map room? Add data layers to your map by clicking the “Add Data” button in the top left corner. Turn on reference layers, such as highways, county boundaries, or place names, by clicking the hamburger menu on the right side of the map legend accordion. You can find data to add to […]

Missouri Source Water Protection and Assessment

The Missouri Source Water Protection and Assessment portal is a tool funded by the Missouri Department of Natural Resources for water system administrators and the public to access information to all public drinking water systems in the state of Missouri. The portal includes access to detailed reports for each system including maps, contaminants, well and […]

From the Director

Curriculum Vitae Chris Fulcher serves as Director for the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri Extension and Engagement.  Dr. Fulcher’s geospatial sciences approach to decision making enables public and nonprofit sector organizations to effectively address social, economic, environmental, and public health issues using custom collaborative management systems. Chris […]

Upload Help

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