What is the Engagement Network?

The Engagement Network is a national platform where you can find public and custom tools produced by the Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES) at the University of Missouri. The Engagement Network hosts:

  • A national Map Room with 15,000+ data layers
  • The premier Community Health Needs Assessment reporting tool with 80+ health-related indicators
  • A Hub Network with 30+ partner organizations using CARES technology

You may have seen these data, tools, and Hubs in Community Commons in the past. Community Commons is transitioning to a new platform and the Engagement Network has been created to ensure that communities, organizations, and agencies that rely on free access to the maps and tools can continue to get reliable data and visualization tools.


Who Created the Engagement Network?

The Center for Applied Research and Engagement Systems (CARES), a technology organization housed in Extension at the University of Missouri.

We are a small and adventurous group of geographic information specialists, programmers, and data nerds. We love making maps, developing new data visualizations, and helping individuals and organizations figure out ways to do their work better. While many of our current projects are focused on health, over the past 25+ years we’ve been collecting, analyzing, and visualizing data related to the environment, agriculture, safety, education, and the economy. Most importantly, we appreciate and understand the challenges and opportunities related to data collection and analysis in rural areas. We like partnering with like-minded organizations, building tools, and finding data that supports positive community and regional change. Oh – and we also like coffee and Mexican food. A lot.


What has CARES been up to recently?

Glad you asked!  Check out some of our most recent newsletters below, or sign up to get a monthly update of our work.

May 2019: Updated Medicare and Medicaid Data from CMS are now available; Updated Income and Poverty Data from SAIPE are now available; The Well Connected Communities hub on the CARES Engagement Network focuses on cultivating wellness.

April 2019: Agricultural data from the 2012 Census of Agriculture now available; CARES partners with Appalachian Regional Commission to develop data visualizations; Building Regional Resilience hub focuses on Missouri community resilience.

March 2019: Broadband data from the American Community Survey are now available; CARES develops mapping capabilities for the Grazing Wedge tool; The ESHE hub on the CARES Engagement Network focuses on healthy food.


Where can I learn more about Hubs?

To learn more about Hubs on the Engagement Network, visit the Hub Directory.