Community Action

New York State Community Action Association

Engagement Network Tools Activated in this Hub
  • Custom Map Room
  • Access to CARES Data Warehouse
  • Custom Reporting System (Community Needs Assessment)
  • Custom User Support and Training

NYSCAA Homepage ScreenshotThe New York Community Action Association is the umbrella organization that supports local community action agencies across New York. Community action agencies are funded by a variety of sources, and several of those require regular community needs assessments and program reporting. NYSCAA has been providing a foundational community needs assessment report to its local community action agencies since 2015. NYSCAA identified common indicators that are central to state and federal reporting requirements and designed a report to make local-level priority setting easier, more standardized, and more efficient.

In addition to the custom community needs assessment report, the NYSCAA Data Hub provides its constituents with access to the CARES Data Warehouse and Map Room. These tools are utilized by community action agencies to identify vulnerable populations, facilitate program site selection, and better understand the social and economic drivers in their communities.